Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bark at the Park 2010...A Howling Good Time in the Summer Heat

Central KY Regional Humane Society, Inc. & Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S. kicked off their premier annual event, Bark at the Park, this past Sunday, June 27. Logan Hubble Park was the setting for Purina Pro Plan's Rally To Rescue program who helped sponsor this great day of fun in the sun for families & pets alike.

It was a great day with over 300 people in attendance and 100 Forever Friends who brought their canine companions with them. Chuck & Rita Weirich were gracious enough to showcase their talents with an afternoon of trumpeting & singing. THANKS CHUCK & RITA...we loved the music.

CKYRHS/GHSC.A.R.E.S. needs the support of the community to continue their work to foster the well being of ALL animals here in Central Kentucky & beyond.

Without your donations we are unable to help the multitude of animals without homes or those animals that are no longer wanted to be part of a Forever Home.

CKYRHS/GHSC.A.R.E.S. is a "no kill" mission striving to make ADOPTION the OPTION. 

Please help today, send a donation to:

PO BOX 875
Lancaster, KY 40444

Here's to making the best for the animals here in Garrard County!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

CKYRHS/GHSC.A.R.E.S. is an Ambassador for Purina's Pro Plan Rally To Rescue

CONGRATULATIONS to Central KY Regional Humane Society, Inc. & Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S. for being chosen as 1 of 75 Ambassadors in the Rally To Rescue program sponsored by Purina's Pro Plan program.
As an ambassador CKYRHS/GHSC.A.R.E.S. will partner with Purina to promote responsible pet ownership & strive to make ADOPTION the OPTION here in central Kentucky & nationally.
Check out Purina's website:

Don't forget to mark your calendar for...

Central KY's premiere animal expo & family gathering. 

Sunday June 27 from 1pm until 6pm.
Logan Hubble Park located just off of Hwy 27 South on the Garrard & Lincoln County line.
Animals on lead are welcome to bring their owners.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PAW out Senseless Euthanizations at the Garrard Co Animal Control Shelter

Now is the time to PAW out the senseless euthanizations at the Garrard County Animal Control a PAW for just $1 from any participating business or GHSCARES member.........
it only takes one PAW at a 
time to help PAW out EUTHANIZATIONS! 

ADOPTION is the OPTION, Education is the answer to what ignorance breeds.

Monday, January 18, 2010

What is BPA? What Petfood cans contain it?

Which Pet Foods have BPA free cans?

BPA or Bisphenol A is a hot topic these days with health conscious consumers and petsumers.  Pet owners, concerned about the risks associated with BPA are contacting their pet food companies asking if canned pet foods contain the chemical.  However, many Pet Food answers to the BPA questions seem to be as varied as pet food itself.  Which pet food companies are using BPA lined cans and which are not…you judge by their responses and the available information.  

The studies proving the risks of BPA (Bisphenol A or BADGE) have been piling up over recent years.   Concerned pet owners struggling to find safe canned foods for their dog or cat continue to question their pet food company.  

Nona is a cat lover extremely concerned with BPA linings in canned cat food.  She wrote Evangers Pet Foods and was told the following…
I subscribe to Petsumer Reports online and they are reporting that your cans contain a BPA lining. Is this true? 
Veterinary researchers have found a link between BPA in cat food cans and hyperthyroidism in cats and BPA is regulated by the European Union. 
I would love to purchase some of your products, but I don't feed any dry food to my cats and I won't purchase any canned food that is contaminated by BPA. 
Thank you.
Nona W

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GHSCARES's First Puppy Rescue

Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S.
 First Forever Home Animal Rescue 01.12.2010

The feeling of exhilaration and excitement is bittersweet when rescuing an animal in any situation. Today the Garrard Humane Society C.A.R.E.S. rescued their first set of seven(7) puppies that were outside in the bitter freezing temperatures with practically no shelter at all. I felt for the family that was responsible enough to understand that the best place for their puppies was to let allow our members rescue them to a foster care family. The end goal is to get them ALL adopted to a Forever Home family. As I drove down the lane from the home, I looked in the back seat of my car to see if the puppies were nervous or upset. I was overwhelmed with joy and relief when I saw all the little heads poking up just enough to see the "new world" as they were seeing it for the first time.

The family contacted our organization before Christmas asking for food assistance for the pups. Food was delivered and a week later another plea of help came in. After counseling with the family, they decided it was time to look to an alternative. That alternative was foster care placement with the goal of the pups being adopted to a Forever Home with a loving and caring family.

Our Forever Friends Pet Pantry is a service that our organization provides to pet owners across Garrard County with no questions asked. The pantry is always looking for pet foods, cat litter, puppy pads, kennel crates, cat and dog flea medications, and the list goes on. We are always accepting donations for our YEAR ROUND service. If you would like to make a donation, we will gladly make arrangements to accept it from you the easiest and most efficient way.

We are looking to build a new animal shelter here in Garrard County. We can ONLY do that with the support of our community. If you would like to make a tax deducible monetary donation, you can mail that donation to: Garrard Humane Society CARES, PO Box 875 Lancaster, KY 40444. We are collaborating fully with the Garrard Co. Animal Control Shelter to improve and enhance services already provided by the Garrard Co. Fiscal Court and animal control officer. This endeavor is a WIN WIN for all!

A quick trip to the vet and the first round of wellness shots were given to the set of pups. The vet said they are in good health and appear to be of Shepherd mix. There are five(5) females and two(2) males. A brother and sister who are all black with just a touch of white under their chins. The other brothers and sisters are pecan with touches of black, white, and brown on their coats. Vaccinations were given by the Lancaster Veterinarian Center. THANKS Dr. Taul and staff for helping to provide a healthy new start for these pups.

Thanks to Trina McGuire of The Teach and Learn Stables located on Hwy 27 North just past the Camp Dick Robinson School for being our first Forever Friends Foster Care provider. ALL the pups are in their new foster care home, snuggled safely in their stall as one big family. My bittersweet feelings turned quickly in to HOPE as I was driving away from the stables. This time I knew we had done a "good thing"!

Please show your support for the Garrard Humane Society CARES because we are working hard to make sure that ALL animals are being cared for across the county.
Mark and the Seven Pups